Adaptation Planning & Business Continuity

By Scott Sinclair


Most crisis management activities occur during or after the event, in an effort to manage an emerging or apparent situation. Depending on the business, crisis management may include an evacuation plan for employees during the event or media relations afterwards.

Business continuity planning takes place before a disaster hits and it focuses on preserving an uninterrupted flow of services by the business in the event of an unfortunate incident. The business continuity solution is like the National Guard. It is always there, but only called into service when the disaster strikes.


Another, more positive pseudonym for a “disaster recovery plan” is an “adaptation plan.” While “disaster recovery” is a common term to describe what occurs in the aftermath of an event, the term “adaptation plan” describes a roadmap for the business to continue in the face of the newly created condition.

The two terms are interchangeable.

Disaster Recovery = Adaptation Plan.

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